“Guiding Our Present To Empower The Future”

The Mission for Maze of Life Resource Center is to identify adults and youth who are having a turbulent transition in life and offer positive support systems and programs to help them avoid the pit-falls that can derail their lives.

Maze of Life Resource Center is a professional organization, whose team is highly skilled and equipped to aid those in the most critical areas and times of their lives.

Our Maze of Life Resource Center team has over 30 plus years of Professional Counseling experience in Life & Health, Drug & Alcohol, Therapy, Couples, Marriage and Family, Addiction, and so much more.

We use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy based concepts and curriculum and are keen to help our clients progress in life for those who are truly ready to start the process of re-inventing themselves and becoming all that they could possibly imagine.

Maze of Life Resource Center

Phone: 630-454-1171

Website: https://www.mazeoflifecenter.com/