About Us

Joliet Focus is an app that allows the Joliet community to share photos, artwork, essays, articles, poems and other thoughts on experiences living in Joliet. Each community needs a safe and engaging place for neighbors to share information and news. Joliet Focus is operated by a local team dedicated to sharing local information. We are managed by The Joliet Herald-News newspaper and website and owned by Illinois-based Shaw Media, an independent news organization in Illinois.

Shaw Media is an agile, industry-leading media company. We are high functioning, employee oriented and – above all else – committed to our communities. We are proud to be the third oldest, continuously owned and operated family newspaper in the nation. Our legacy of success dates back to 1851. That success has been due to our talented group of over 300 employees who put their best into Shaw Media’s award-winning daily and weekly print and online publications located in Illinois and Iowa. And our history of success continues.

Meet our staff:

Tycee Bell

tycee bell Tycee Bell is Will County’s premiere community affairs professional, who continues to inspire our youth to claim their talents and achieve their life potential.

Her work in personal and professional development is galvanizing local leaders to take bold action for positive change in communities that need it most. Spanning a career of 20 years, she hand-built and leveraged small business networks and coalitions of faith-based action groups to help meet the economic and spiritual needs of local families she grew up with.

A proud Joliet native, Bell is a community cultivator who specializes in developing strategies and partnerships that address some of our most acute challenges, including gun violence, voter apathy and academic achievement gaps in local schools. As the Creator and Visionary Director of the Community Cultivation Project, Tycee Bell is empowering entrepreneurs and artists, pastors and activists with the skills they need to make money for their families, make a difference in their communities and remake a future that leaves no one behind. As a young child she would tell people, “I will develop a process that leads others to peace.” Today, Bell is focused on her personal relationship with God. She founded Seven Mountains LLC, Kingdom Building Intentional Solutions, as a mission-driven enterprise to change the world. Tycee Bell, the Community Strategist, provides clients with strategic vision, project management and critical insights into African-American and Latinx consumer behaviors for creative, hyper-local marketing campaigns. “My heart tells me to continue to help build and develop community frameworks that give us hope for the future. My hands allow me to do the work with you.”

Marcus Cage

Marcus Cage Marcus Cage is the founder of Divine Works Education andTraining (E&T) in addition to being Director of CAMS (Certified AngerManagement Specialist) for Maze of Life Resource Center. Both organizations concentrate on improving humanity’s quality of life through facilitating one-on-one and group cognitive behavior and self-improvement sessions.

Marcus was born and raised in Joliet, Illinois. He grew upon the east side where he attended Edna Keith Elementary School, Washington JuniorHigh and Joliet Central. He has been providing education and training in the Chicagoland area for over a decade. Throughout Marcus’ journey, he has worked and volunteered with The Southland Rotary Club, River Valley Detention Center,National Hookup for Black Women, Aunt Martha’s Health and Wellness of ParkForest in addition to several other organizations and causes.

Marcus graduated Cum Laude from DeVry University in 2009. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration of business management. Mr. Cage is also a certified life coach.